Adknowledge Miva connects advertisers with customers by matching your ad to users across a broad range of traffic. Dedicated account managers review campaign performance and optimize each campaign by prioritizing traffic sources that match your campaign goals. Here are the sources:

  • Search

    Adknowledge Miva provides incremental traffic beyond the traditional search engines. By partnering with these traffic sources, we provide traffic at a significantly lower PPC. Expert account management, plus third party traffic validators and click-source transparency, ensure that we meet your campaign objectives.

  • Domain

    The Adknowledge Miva Network enables advertisers to receive qualified customers who land on domain aggregator sites. Qualified users are matched to advertiser listings that meet their search queries.

  • Display

    Adknowledge Miva displays ads on publisher sites based on the content of the page. The text ads can be displayed within banners, as mouse-overs, or as keyword text links within the page’s content.

  • Downloadable

    Advertisers reach additional traffic through toolbars and apps. This cost-effective format is a significant source of incremental traffic.

  • Email

    Adknowledge Miva connects advertisers with consumers through highly-targeted email. Text ads are dynamically generated and placed within category-specific creative, and are delivered to users who’ve opted in to receive offers. Email ads are powered by highly-sophisticated targeting technology, which determines which ad to serve to the user who is most likely to respond.d. 

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