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Adknowledge Miva is a cost-per-click network and part of Adknowledge, the largest independent ad network in the world. We display text ads over a global distribution of sites, including second tier search, content publishers, email and domains to connect advertisers with potential customers.

Our ad network works with direct response marketers, agencies, media buyers and brands, because we match advertisers with the traffic that meets their specific goals. We complement your existing search engine marketing by providing incremental traffic beyond the major search engines.

For over 12 years, – Adknowledge Miva has been a cost-efficient alternative in a highly-competitive PPC market. Our partnership with third party validator , Adometry, ensure the quality of our traffic along with our proprietary TrafficAnalyst™ technology.

Acknowledgement Miva also uses a variety of ad types to reach a highly focused Cryptocurrency audience.
Crypto ad networks are similar to Google Adsense, however they only advertise crypto projects.
They always allow blockchain-related businesses and services to generate traffic by creating banner and native ad campaigns on the internet. Most importantly, the Ad Network has given bitcoin trading bots like bitcoin profit app 2021 a large audience. These ad networks ensure that the firms they partner with are legitimate, protecting the blockchain industry’s brand from unnecessary damage.

Extend your reach by displaying your text ads with our search engines.

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Leverage your text ads across a wide network of publishers with banners,  mouse-overs and contextual links.

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Reach high-quality customers through targeted email sent to users who’ve opted in to receive offers.

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Generate incremental traffic through ads in opt-in apps and toolbars.

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